What is the Littlekins children's books about?
See book 1, Friends Come in All Sorts and Sizes, from the children's book series Littlekins. Go to our orders page to purchase Littlekins books.
Littlekins, The Keepers of the Forest children's book series are full of fun, adventure and values parents appreciate.
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Each of the Littlekins books contains a useful Parents Guide at the back of the books to help parents continue to build on the story in their children's lives

“A heartwarming tale the entire family will want to curl up with! Children, young and old, will easily connect with the characters. The beautifully illustrated setting is enchanting.”
Kelly Barreira, 1st Grade Teacher (Public school educator for over 15 years)

“Here is a sweet story that will quickly grab your heart. Children will delight in the challenging adventure where the Biblical truths of obedience, courage and love shine through. A book filled with beautiful illustrations and an insightful Parent’s Guide that provides plenty of opportunity for family time to be creative.”
Josh McDowell, International speaker and best selling author of More Than a Carpenter and Evidence That Demands a Verdict

Littlekin stories are written with four specific purposes in mind.

Love for Reading
First, is to instill a love for reading into the hearts of children between the ages of 5 and 9. The books are not just picture books, and they are not just chapter books. They are both. The stories include plenty of paintings to interest young children before they learn to read. At the same time, the paintings provide additional interest to older children as they begin the process of reading. You can read the stories to children of any age. You can “popcorn read” (the parent reads a paragraph or page and the child reads a paragraph or page) to children who are learning to read. The book doesn’t have to be finished in one sitting. You can read a couple of chapters each night. For older children, the books are designed to read over a few days so that the concept of “picking up a book to read over a longer period of time” is promoted. Please note that the sentence structure and words used are not necessarily designed for beginning readers. This is done on purpose. It is OK for a child to not understand every word. Vocabulary is often learned in context. That means that the words surrounding a difficult word in a story help you to figure out its meaning.

Judeo-Christian Values
Second, the stories are specifically designed to teach Judeo-Christian values, primarily in the form of character traits. These character traits are based upon the Bible and include love, compassion, integrity, initiative, cooperation, perseverance, obedience, courage, honor, trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. These are the same values that the Founding Fathers of the United States used in drafting the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other documents that established the legal foundations and liberties we enjoy today.1 Each Littlekin story contains at least one of these character traits along with information on the character trait, plus suggested questions and activities for you and your children. It is the author’s desire that you will instill in your children a respect for scripture and the importance of Biblical principles of character so that your children will hold on to them when they grow up.

Third, the stories always revolve around family. The family is the cornerstone of civilization. It is one of the first things that God created after Adam and Eve. He instituted marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman. At the same time, he established the roles of father and mother so that children, born through the covenant of marriage, would have the best environment (with the influence of both a father and mother) to grow, learn, mature, and be successful here on earth. This was the beginning of the generations and the beginning of God’s plan to make sure a Christian faith was passed on from parents to children to grandchildren and so on. It is extremely important for children to understand how important the family is. Of course, there are situations that arise where one of the parents is missing. However, through prayer and your local church, a single-parent family can seek out adult mentors to help fill in for a missing parent. That is one of the primary reasons that the church exists: to support families raising their children.

Animal Science
Fourth, each story is written with a specific animal as a part of the plot. Information on this animal is provided at the end of each book with the goal of teaching children a little bit about the animal and demonstrating how awesome and creative God is.

Friends Come in All Sorts and Sizes also includes a "Character Traits" section, a "Questions and Activities" section as well as an "Animal Science" section.

1 Barton, David. America’s Godly Heritage. Aledo, Texas: WallBuilders, 1992: Video.