What is the Littlekins children's books about?
See book 1, Friends Come in All Sorts and Sizes, from the children's book series Littlekins. Go to our orders page to purchase Littlekins books.
Littlekins, The Keepers of the Forest children's book series are full of fun, adventure and values parents appreciate.
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The children's book series Littlekins, has been developed, written and illustrated by Bruce Wegner

The author of the children's book series Littlekins, Bruce Wegner with his family.

Bruce Wegner is a native Southern Californian who was raised with his younger brother by wonderful loving parents in the San Gabriel Valley. As a young boy, he spent plenty of time in cabins in the local mountains, among the pines and oaks. His parents encouraged him to sketch and paint while on these trips. His interest in nature continued through his college and career choices. He spent 30 years of his professional career in the horticulture and parks, recreation, and leisure service businesses. He is a certified nursery professional, registered landscape architect, and registered pest control advisor with an enchantment for the environment, gardens, and parks.

Bruce is currently an Elder and Director of Family Ministries at Heritage Christian Fellowship in San Clemente, California. He and his wife, Sandy, are strong promoters of the family. They have taught marriage classes for the past decade with the belief that strong marriages result in healthy families that raise exceptional children. Sandy is also a dedicated homeschool program administrator and teacher.

For many years on vacations around a campfire, Bruce told stories to family and friends about Littlekin people and the lives they live deep in the mountains. He painted what they looked like, where they lived and what they did. However, until now, these stories and paintings remained on the shelf at home. Bruce’s illustrations are acrylic with pen and ink on paper.

Bruce and Sandy have been joyfully married for 30 years and have two daughters Lacey, and Aubrey. Aubrey is married to Matthew Cunningham and is expecting the Wegner's first grandchild. They all reside near each other in Capistrano Beach, California.