What is the Littlekins children's books about?
See book 1, Friends Come in All Sorts and Sizes, from the children's book series Littlekins. Go to our orders page to purchase Littlekins books.
Littlekins, The Keepers of the Forest children's book series are full of fun, adventure and values parents appreciate.
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Let me tell you about Littlekins, The Keepers of the Forest website

Welcome to the official website of the Littlekins. My name is Aubrey and I am a Littlekin. I am very pleased that you decided to join me today. Why, you ask? Well, I am happy you are here because that means you probably want to know a bit more about Littlekins and this is the only place you can do that. There are many characters to meet in the Littlekins children's books.

There are a number of options available to you as you begin your journey. You can click on Books and read all about Littlekins and where we come from. You can click on Book 1 / Friends Come in All Sorts and Sizes and find a brief description of the first book ever written about Littlekins, in particular about me and my friend Sarah. Or, you can click on Author and discover a little bit about the guy that found us, deep in the woods, high in the trees. Finally, you can click on Parent’s Guide and encounter some really neat things you can do that help make the book “Friends Come in All Sorts and Sizes” come alive to children.

So, please enjoy your visit to the wonderful world of Littlekins. If you enjoy the site and want to get the book too, then click on Order and a copy will be shipped right to your front door. It is also available at book stores. If the store closest to you doesn’t stock it, ask them to get it.