What is the Littlekins children's books about?
Lttlekins Children's Books full of fun and adventure
Littlekins, The Keepers of the Forest children's book series are full of fun, adventure and values parents appreciate.

Currently book 1 Friends Come in all Sorts and Sizes is available in stock. Coming in the near future will be book 2, A Day at the Bat Races. Learn about the Littlekins children's book series See book 1, Friends Come in All Sorts and Sizes, from the children's book series Littlekins. Keep an eye out for in the near future there will be an addition to the Littlekins books series with book two. Go to our orders page to purchase Littlekins books.
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Friends Come in all Sorts and Sizes is the first book in the Littlekins children's books series and it is loaded with fun, drama and adventure!

There is a completely different world that exists deep in mountain forests around the world. It is the world of Littlekins, small people who build their villages and live in their cottages high in the pine and fir trees. The Littlekin children are very similar to our own children, except for the fact that they stand only as tall as an average pinecone (4 inches or so). They go to school, play games, run, jump, laugh and eat dinner just like our own children. In fact, they get into trouble every now and then as well.

In Book 1 of the Littlekins children's books series, Friends Come in all Sorts and Sizes, Aubrey and Sarah meet unlikely friends just in time.

This book documents the lives of two little girls who venture out into the forest and get stranded in an intense rainstorm. Will they return home safely? Unexpected and unlikely friends show up to attempt a daring rescue. Will they be successful?The adventure heightens as Aubrey and Sarah are caught in the danger of the rising river, in the first of the Littlekins books series for children called Friends Come in all Sorts and Sizes Beautiful artwork and a delightful story come together to answer these questions.

The adventure of the Littlekin children also provides a wonderful learning opportunity for us. It teaches us about character, about what is right and what is wrong. It reminds us of why family is essential, why obedience is important, why courage is something to strive for and why love is the glue that binds us together.

The Parent’s Guide is specifically designed to help us walk through the lessons learned by the Littlekins with our own children. It includes questions and activities to engage our children and help them see the truths in a way that they can understand.

Are you ready to enter the wonderful world of Littlekins? You won’t regret taking the step. In fact, you may decide that this world is really a place you will want to visit over and over again.