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Littlekins, The Keepers of the Forest children's book series are full of fun, adventure and values parents appreciate.
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Littlekins, more than a children's book

Littlekins children's books are written with four specific goals in mind. First to establish the love of reading into children; second to express Judeo-Christian values; third to gather and grow family time with interaction together; and fourth educating children in the world of animal science.
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Book 1: Friends Come in All Sorts and Sizes

There is a completely different world that exists deep in mountain forests around the world. It is the world of Littlekins, small people who build their villages and live in their cottages high in the pine and fir trees.

This book documents the lives of two little girls who venture out into the forest and get stranded in an intense rainstorm. Will they return home safely? Unexpected and unlikely friends show up to attempt a daring rescue. Will they be successful? Beautiful artwork and a delightful story come together to answer these questions.
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Each book includes a "Parents Guide"

The Parent’s Guide is specifically designed to help us walk through the lessons learned by the Littlekins with our own children. It includes questions and activities to engage our children and help them see the truths in a way that they can understand.

Each book also includes a "Character Traits" section, a "Questions and Activities" section as well as an "Animal Science" section.
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